Thursday, 30 June 2011

Photo Love- Allison Trentelman

I came across Allison Trentelman as I was browsing Etsy the other day and totally fell head over heels for her fine art photography. Being a budding nature photographer myself I was really inspired to take some more photos after seeing her work. It also gave me an appreciation of her amaazing bird shots which I know require a lot of patience. She has post edited a lot of her photos to great effect giving some a real dreamy sunshine and lollies kind of feel with these bright pastel colours. She also has some amazing black and white photos.


You can check out and buy her work at Rocky Top Studio or at Etsy here.
 I would be happy to hang any of her photos on my walls!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Artist of the week Cathy Delanssay

Cathy Delanssay is a french illustrator who has a number of children's books. I came across her work and immediately fell in love with the colour and texture of her fantasy laden illustraions which have quite a distinctive style. If you read french you can follow her on her blog La Goutte de Rosee. Here are some examples of her work.

I love the title of her book about mothers Mieux que dix Fées -Better than ten Fairies!
You can purchase some of her work at Fiche Produit though again it will help if you speak French!
And if you're a Firefox user you can top your browser with Delanssay designs for free which is pretty kewl :-)


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Yalingup Wedding Part 2

I have already mentioned the beautiful wedding I went to in Yalingup. But I forgot to show the cake!
Wedding Cake

It had a chocolate top layer and a Heavenly raspberry almond orange base layer. Sooo delicious. I thought I would also tell you a bit more about the interesting venue in which it was held. The venue was Injidup Wave House in Yalingup. Its a lovely house though a bit crazy and has a not-thought-through feeling in its design. The views are to die for.

Behind the house there is a natural ampitheatre and a cave/cliff face which is beautiful. The cave/cliff had mirror balls attached to it which I imagine you'll either love or hate.

Sometimes I wish I could have my wedding over again. (With the same man though!) It seems a shame that you only really get to have one and if like in my case you organised most of it when you've never organised anything like that before there is a lot of stuff you learn when its too late. This venue was fabulous for a small intimate wedding. It had a very relaxed air which was continued with the music and food. The music was a live celtic band which played lovely music at a level which encouraged dancing but still allowed for conversation. The food was gourmet pizza with salad and lasagna.