Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Yalingup Wedding Part 2

I have already mentioned the beautiful wedding I went to in Yalingup. But I forgot to show the cake!
Wedding Cake

It had a chocolate top layer and a Heavenly raspberry almond orange base layer. Sooo delicious. I thought I would also tell you a bit more about the interesting venue in which it was held. The venue was Injidup Wave House in Yalingup. Its a lovely house though a bit crazy and has a not-thought-through feeling in its design. The views are to die for.

Behind the house there is a natural ampitheatre and a cave/cliff face which is beautiful. The cave/cliff had mirror balls attached to it which I imagine you'll either love or hate.

Sometimes I wish I could have my wedding over again. (With the same man though!) It seems a shame that you only really get to have one and if like in my case you organised most of it when you've never organised anything like that before there is a lot of stuff you learn when its too late. This venue was fabulous for a small intimate wedding. It had a very relaxed air which was continued with the music and food. The music was a live celtic band which played lovely music at a level which encouraged dancing but still allowed for conversation. The food was gourmet pizza with salad and lasagna.


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  1. Hi Coby, You don't know me but hoping you can help me out :)

    We're thinking about having our wedding at the Wave Studio and I would love it if you can give me some feedback? I've heard some great stories and a few horrible ones..

    Thank you so much! :)



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