Monday, 30 May 2011

Yalingup Wedding

I spent the weekend in beautiful Yalingup, WA, for my cousins wedding.
View from the wedding venue

Her family is very crafty and it was a beautiful relaxed affair.
Check out the string lights and message leaves made by the bridesmaids. The string balls had rope fairy lights incorporated into them and looked very effective in the evening. I believe they were made by covering a balloon in petroleum jelly/vaseline and gluing the string and fairy lights around the balloon before deflating it and sliding it out. They experimented with painting the balls silver but ended up liking the natural cream string colour better. It is not very noticeable in the picture but the lights were powered by small AA battery packs.

String Light Ball
The 'messeage leaves' formed part of the table decorations as well as being a beautiful way for guests to leave a message (no pun intended ;-)  for the newlyweds. Guest wrote on the back and then hung them on a selection of branches.
"Leave a message" Leaves hehe